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The Objective:

The project was the full refurbishment of floor 6 at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead London as a member of the IHP/Vinci supply chain partnership operated under the P22 NHS framework. The project started with the soft strip of the whole floor to leave just  an empty shell. From here we, installed new partitions to create a whole new layout, this included shaped partitions in the hallways to provide discrete nurses stations. As well as installing new ceilings, partitions and IPS preformed WC systems we carried out all of the builders work for the other trades such as diamond drilling for M&E services, blockwork walls to form risers and fire stopping throughout the whole floor.



Being a inner city hospital there is very limited storage space for non clinical items. Exact delivery times booked well in advance were essential so large deliveries such as plasterboard and IPS panels could be unloaded and brought straight to the work area. 

Clean working areas were essential as the remaining part of the floor was occupied so strict infection control was essential, dust was managed by air extractor units and localised water sprays.

The project was completed on time and opened by a leading health figure.

Total cost: £250,000.00


Project length: 20 Weeks


Client: IHP



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