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The Objective: To refurbish the flight centre building which is spread over 7 floors in Imperial College to convert the building to a high tech teaching facility, the works were carried out over two phases on a complete, decant and move departments into refurbished areas.



Working in a live classroom environment where noise and dust control was essential. We had to carry out a lot of the work outside normal hours as the alterations and strip out tasks were in areas from 8:00am -17:30pm this was to ensure that all noisy and dust sensitive works were completed with as little inconvenience to students and staff as possible, day time works were carried out with asbestos like enclosures with water and dust control constantly used throughout the project. Good housekeeping was essential as pedestrian movement between classes was to full capacity. 


Total cost: £390,000.00


Project length: 26 Weeks


Client: Kier

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