Building extension to Judson Pavilion Meopham

Hidden away down a small alley of the Wrotham Road opposite Bartella's in Meopham you will find The Judson Pavilion.

A community centre for the local football team, a place they can get changed and store their equipment.

Meopham borough council and the FA joined together to commission a total refurb and extention, to bring life back to the old pavailion, which in recent years had seen the building slowly deteriorate.

Capstan where appointed the Principal Contract for the works which began in Novemember 2019.

Months of rain (Uk has bad rep that it always rains a lot, but 6 months of rain everyday and high winds, was nothing any of us have witness before), and then Covid-19, put a number of spanners in our works, from working on a site that on some days would be filled with water, to having to implemtent social distancing on site.

But after all nature has thrown at us, we are pleased to confirm completition of works, and even if we say so ourselves looks pretty good.

The project involved building an extension to the rear of the Pavilion,

Installing a new roof throughout

Total refubishment inside

New windows


Creating a bigger car park

The pavailion now has new changing rooms, and a community area where the council and FA will be able to orgainse events for the community and the local football team

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